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BlueGEO is a wireless transmitter for playing geocaching, which involves finding hidden boxes with the help of navigation. Thanks BlueGEO is possible to bring the player to interesting places (monuments, squares, natural monuments, etc.), Where you can not physically put the box. To find the final boxes and getting a point is therefore necessary that the player reached an interesting place and you need the coordinates of BlueGEO reproached smartphone or navigation.

Application available on:

- Place BlueGEO to a place that wants to show other players, such as a major sights
- Place the final box in a quiet place like a forest where there is no such monuments as tourism
- BlueGEO to load the coordinates final clipboard

- You download from the website original coordinates BlueGEO transmitter e.g. N 50 ° 05,450 'E 14 ° 24.000'
- After arriving at the site connects to BlueGEO using and reads the final coordinates,
N 50 ° 05,740 'E 14 ° 24.740'
- Reaches the point of final coordinates of where to find the box and the user logs on.
To purchase, use the contact:
First BlueGEO was placed in Zlin 23.12.2015: